Monday, 7 August 2017


Greetings and Kia ora,
My name is Ridith, and today my class has been doing 3D Printing!
We had to create a model (Using a website called tinkercad. if you want to create your own model,here's the  link.) to 3D print because the 3d printer didn't have a mind of its own!
After we created a model, we downloaded an stl file and copied it to a usb.Then, we connected the usb to the 3D printer.Finally, the 3D printed the model out (which took ages to print!)


  1. Kia ora Ridith,
    Thanks for writing about the process of your 3D printing and for sharing the link to tinkercad. I had my first play in tinkercad last weekend. It was fun and I created a keyring with my name. I think you will be way ahead of me. Could you add an image of your completed model?
    Mrs Krausse

    1. Hi Mrs Krausse,
      Thanks for the comment and yes, I will add a completed model of the 3D Printing! BYE!

  2. Hi Ridith, My name is Bruno from Waikowhai Primary School in Te Waka Ako. You commented on my blog earlier this month so I thought I'd return the favour. I really like your blog post about 3D printing. It made me think of what wonders we'll be doing with 3D printers in the future. Maybe next time you could put a tiny bit more writing. If you would like to check out my blog again here's the link